Missouri Uncompromised

edit from @raphael: I moved the discussion about Missouri in coffee break to have a clean discussion about wallpapers :cowboy_hat_face:

My wife likes that one as well …but I’m a country boy I like fish’n N hunt’n , My Silverado 4X4 and
my Tractors are Green and Yellow . nothing runs like a Deere ! and Red White and Blue Ford New Holland

i which state do you live? It’s so flat… :thinking:

I live in Missouri , and we have "hills " the size of mountains , I happen to live on top of a ridge where it
is flat and does not flood , the bottom lands can get pretty WET !!

my " backyard " looking at my house .
from the north east corner of my property .

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Thanks for the nice photos, this is very beautiful. Are you exploiting the ground with plants or cereals? I can’t see very well.

Unrelated: the music title that inspired me the title of the topic.

I happen to be a big fan of Pat Mehteny , I still have the album " Air stream " I bought in Stuttgart in 1980

I cut and bale hay for winter cattle feed and I raise a few cattle for the market as well as my Freezer.

I took this as I was cutting Hay today and stop to take this one too
…before I ran it over LOL

one of my favorites Pat Matheny Tunes here

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