Mirror not up to date. Resolved


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Ibiblio mirror is possibly not being updated.

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We have recently discovered that the ibiblio mirror is not being updated. For user to avoid problems with this run the following command and select 1:

$ sudo om-mirror-selector.sh -m

You will see this:

By now it is no secret that Rock/Lx 4.1 does not get a lot of updates but using the abf-downloads.openmandriva.org option will avoid any problems or unwanted downgrading of packages. This will be much more important to any users of Cooker or Rolling branches but applies to all branches of OM Lx.


I’m attempting to contact someone, anyone, at ibiblio.org to see if I can get some action on this problem or find out if problem is on our end. :face_with_thermometer:

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This issue has been corrected. Index of /openmandriva/ is now updating again.

The contributor group is discussing how to proceed regarding mirrors. Will report when some decisions have been made.

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