Mirror management system

This topic is to discuss about the mirror manager tool that we need up and running before Alpha release.

Will be very appreciated the valuable inputs from our skilled developers knowing better dnf etc.

github issues

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A mirrorbrain or similiar needs to be set up or current mirrormon service needs to be adapted to mirrorlist generator, second a mirrorlist generator must be coded and available for dnf and adopted into openmandriva-repos package.

Here are some hints

Mirrorlist generator:

Here how it works:


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I am looking at this for me it looks like mirrormanage2 would be the best bet and to that end I’m in the process of creating a docker image for it which we can hopefully run on the ABF infrastructure.
I’m not excluding any of the options mentioned by TPG it’s just that I started down this route a couple of weeks ago.

With MirrorManager2, we can use metalink instead of mirrorlist, which will be smarter and better for mirror selection client and server side.

And if set up correctly, MirrorManager2 also will permit self-service mirror registration.