Microphone noise in Zoom

I’m on OpenMandriva Lx4.3 znver1
using KDE.

I really need tools such as Zoom which I can download and install from the Flathub.

My problem is that there is quite a lot of microphone noise and distortion for my colleagues.
I have found this link beneath which seems to suggest the problem is associated with pipewire.

Is this the case? Is this a solution? If so, how do I apply it?

A big thank you to anyone can help me with this!!!

Hello @quadrantids
worth to try ?

From my private observations, the microphone works much better with the pipe than with pulse.
However, when it comes to zoom, there was a problem with the zoom in the pipewire. In LX 4.3 we have pipewire version 0.3.45 and the Zoom patches arrived to PipeWire in 0.3.46. Maybe it’s time to upgrade Pipe in Lx 4.3?

Anyway I remember one report from Pipe that dealt with a similar issue but then it turned out that disabling noise reduction/cancel filters (or changing them) helped.

Can you verify if the problem is only with Zoom or if it occurs in other applications? If it is present in others, and if upgrading to the new pipewire version doesn’t help, then it looks like a problem directly related to pipewire.
In that case, I recommend that you report the problem directly to the pipewire developers Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab