Mesa is not installed by default?


I just install OM LX 3.01 (switch from Ubuntu) on my second PC and I see I don’t have any mesa installed. I use Radeon HD 5850 GPU so I should use mesa with open source driver. After make system update, still mesa is not installed.

Don’t know if this is bug or not but looking strange for me.

Command in terminal “rpm -qa|grep mesa” gives me 0 entries. So I check in software installer if mesa is installer and any mesa package is not enabled. Look:

As you can see mesa or libmesa is not installed, also in terminal I just check what opengl I have and look like I have OGL 3.0 and Mesa 17.0.2 but if I check rpm -qa|grep mesa I not get any message. So, it little confusion for me.

Also my GPU on opensource driver support OpenGL 4.1 (4.5 in fglrx) but on this mesa I see only 3.0. What going on?
Anyone know if this is issues or not? Maybe I should report it as bug?

I’d say the glx packages, in OMLx, are dispatched as this:
– libraries: lib64qtopengl4 / lib64qt5opengl5
mesa (dri config) and mesa-demos
Only mesa and mesa-demos are not installed by default.

So no needed manually install Mesa? Second, is any way go get OpenGL 4.1? I should get it on this GPU via latest Mesa but I still see onlu OGL 3.0.

What isn’t working that Mesa would cause to work? Not trying to be a smarty pants I actually don’t know the answer. If graphics are working I’d say no need.

File a bug report requesting it and under ‘Importance’ select ‘trivial/enhancement’ and hope for the best. But then why not OpenGL 4.5?

Thanks. So I will leave it as it is.

Ok, thanks. Why not OpenGL 4.5? My GPU support 4.5 but only on old fglrx driver. Mesa reach 4.5 but only for RadeonSI and I have r600 so, it have only 4.1.