MATE desktop for OMLx 4.0

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MATE is quite ready :smile:.

Installare MATE su OMLx 3.02
Is install to USB flash drive with persistance possible with OM Lx 3?

That’s excellent news!
I just tested and it works very well.
Good job. Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW. @bero @ben79 I think it’s worth for future news about LX 4, also mentioning that we have a working Mate desktop :smiley:

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I guess @bero does not really care :slight_smile: since it has something to do with g* :wink:


To be honest there is an annoying issue with engrampa I haven’t had the time to properly patch.

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Guys with all due respect this thread is about installing OpenMandriva on USB Flash Drive with persistence. That is install it on a Flash Drive such that user/owner has ability to write to system and change things, store things, ect. At least that is how I understand it. And embarrassingly it took me a while to understand that much. This issue is complicated enough on it’s own without bring in discussion about different desktops. Not sure how that happened.

Please any more discussion about desktops start a new thread.

Post-edit: And there probably should be a new thread about Mate desktop on it’s own merits.

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:+1: Done.

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See also (in Italian)

Enable /contrib repository and dnf install task-mate
openmandriva-mate-config package will be soon available too, to set some default graphic configurations.