MATE desktop 1.22.x for LX 4.0

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Hi, here is Lx3.0 MATE look and feel

and here is how MATE look and feel may be in lx 4.0

I decided to use a dark theme because I’d like to make the MATE desktop experience as similar as possible to actual PLASMA desktop.

This is not definitive so any suggestions are well accepted, of course :slight_smile:.


be careful with mate bricks

check with team Solus on mate for official ( one member works also on mate repo )

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Thanks @stephane, I will test MATE more deeply.

However we don’t have brisk panel packaged; actually the only ugly bug to my knowledge is related to engrampa so I suggest to use xarchiver instead.

even with


Icon theme: breeze

IMO these screenshots look horrible.

The second one is a bit more bearable.

Uhm , people are really using this?

Burn the witch! Burn the witch! :smiling_imp:

Xfce has not finished Gtk3 + , Mate has done Gtk3 plans
gnome is not the good answer.

so LxQt ?

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What is wrong with plasma ?

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where i speak about plasma ?

He’s saying that because you said “so LXQT?”

Breeze icons are from KDE and in the past gave some problems with the size of the icons.

I liked to use LXDE with oma2004 and tried LXQt with lx3 but IMHO it was still incomplete.

On some machine (old or low memory) I’d like to use a lightweight and complete DE. It’s a matter of taste, of course.