Mandriva software update problems


  • OpenMandriva Lx version: omlx-302 current

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    I notice already a couple of day’s software update problems. A lot of systemd* packages have an invalid key.
    Here are the involved packages:

The following 15 packages are going to be installed:

  • basesystem-minimal-3-3-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • lib64nss_myhostname2-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • lib64nss_resolve2-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • lib64nss_systemd2-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • lib64systemd-devel-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • lib64systemd0-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-boot-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-console-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-coredump-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-doc-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-hwdb-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-locale-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-polkit-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64
  • systemd-zsh-completion-236-1-omv2015.0.x86_64

9.5MB of additional disk space will be used.

5.7MB of packages will be retrieved.

This is a screen-shot of the error message:

Is it possible to fix this problem or is it save to ignore this warning?


You really aren’t providing enough information for anyone to do anything.

You mean like this?

Hello Ben79,

Sorry, I was to quick with the Create button, but I think you mentioned the same problem.


That’s OK I’ve done the same myself as I recall…

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The problem seems to be fixed, but after the latest bunch of updates the wireless network on my laptop isn’t automatic activated any more. I have to manually select the first available wifi-network from the list and press the connect button to activate the wireless network.
Before the update the wireless network connected automatically.