Mandriva learning beginner

hello, good afternoon!
my name is putri, I’m a student. and i want learn configuration ip,dns, and also make file in mandriva.
how to?
i don’t understand for this and I’ve tried the methods via the web and it’s always wrong. Please help me…

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What version of OpenMandriva are you using? The latest is OM Lx 3.03 available here. It is important that you are using what we are using for us to be able to help.

Now a days for Internet (ip, dns) is almost always done automatically by NetworkManager. You can, if you absolutely have to set things up statically though, using command line and configuration files and editors and such.

Making a file should be super easy in any Linux distro. (touch command).

Oh, my goodness, where are my manners! Hello @safilaputri, welcome to OpenMandriva.

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. And try to keep in mind that someone (like me) may not understand what you need at first so don’t hesitate to keep asking until I or whomever is trying to help “gets it”.

Also if for some reason you are using an old version of Mandriva because of school there are still people here that will try to help.

And finally to help you it is easier if you give a detailed explanation of what you are trying to do. Possible example: I’m using Mandriva 9.2 and want to manually configure a wired internet connection how do I do this?

Another possible example: I’m using Mandriva 2010.2 and want to manually configure a wireless internet connection how do I do this?

Please let us know if does or does not help.