Major Work/Upgrade in Rolling repositories

Post-edit: Apparently we have not make this clear enough. The new OM Release Plan has not been Officially announced. The new Rolling Release (or Update Channel) has not been Officially announced. If you choose to use Rolling at this time you are using something still in development.

Post-Edit: Rolling is currently in an odd perhaps degraded state. If you are already using and not having problems don’t worry. It you aren’t already using Rolling it would be wise to wait until we make the Official Announcement.

Sorry about that folks.

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Hi before its named: cooker but only thing that be upgraded after release is chrome\opera?

Can you please explain how to switch to rolling release?

– 1. Read:

– 2.

You’re about to switch to a faster update channel. Please note that this is a permanent switch, downgrading your system by going back to a slower update channel is not supported and may break your system. Are you sure you want to do this?

– 3. Proceed.

But i still got issue with turn off\reboot and openmandriva controllcenter app(om-control-center).

How did you do it with terminal?

I like openmandriva, but its a lot of outdated, fedora is better or ubuntu.
How can i reinstall without to remove installed program? I guess its possible to upgrade, but installer did not have that future.

try somelike that but its did not works. So not easy.

No you didn’t and yes it is easy. You just completely did it wrong. @rugyada posted screen shot. Don’t know if anyone can explain it any better.

Hint: dnfdragora has nothing what so ever to do with what is in this tread.

Post-edit: The original post was thrown out and something new written. (I was a naughty, man). :smiling_imp:

Go to the top and read the first post. We are still putting our maintenance plan in place. You don’t want to use an operating system where the maintenance plan has not been implemented do you? Unless you want to help with putting the plan in place. And then help with maintaining Rolling. If not then would be best to wait.