LXDE desktop environment

I would like to boot into LXDE. How can I do that? I installed Rock 5.0 Lxqt (it uses sddm display manager), added unsupported repository, installed these packages:

sudo dnf install lxappearance lxappearance-obconf lxde-icon-theme lxterminal lxtask lxrandr lxinput lxpanel lxsession openbox openbox-menu pcmanfm lxmenu-data lxsession-edit menu-cache libfm lxmusic viewnior ristretto mousepad gnome-system-monitor

However, I still can’t select LXDE when logging in. It only offers Lxqt and Openbox.
Should I adjust some configuration files or change the display manager? For example to lightdm and if so, how?

I know LXDE is outdated, but it’s fast (I use VirtualBox) and I’m a GTK2 fan.

Well. I forgot to install the most important package lxde-common. SDDM now offers LXDE. However, I can’t log in. After a couple of seconds the login window opens again.

I disabled sddm (sudo systemctl disable sddm), created a ~/.xinitrc file with the contents of: “exec startlxde”, rebooted into the console, typed “startx” and this is what I got:

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You are welcome to talk to our developers at OpenMandriva Chat.

The first thing when a new user has an issue is to look in the documentation for OMLx. OpenMandriva wiki and Forum Resources guide.

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For serious technical issues and package/feature requests please file a bug report here.

Looks like you gert to be the community member that figures out how to get LXDE desktop to work. The output in third post suggests that there are still packages missing. The software is provided in unsupported repository which implies that the software does not have a maintainer. Would you be interested in maintaining these packages? If you are interested in pursuing this I would suggest contacting OM developers on OpenMandriva Chat.

My unofficial definition of Unsupported Repository: Unsupported more or less means software that is unsupported by an OM developer or maintainer. The software is provided for users who are interested and wish to try to make the software work and best case maintain the software. There is some software in unsupported that is maintained by communnity members but most is not.

Thanks for the welcome.
I think it’s because of the build. I was able to start LXDE when I replaced the /usr/bin/lxsession binary from this archive https://mirror.yandex.ru/altlinux/Sisyphus/x86_64/RPMS.classic/lxde-lxsession-0.5.5-alt3.x86_64.rpm (I know this is a bad idea).
Since the /usr/bin/startlxde script runs /usr/bin/lxsession among the other things.
However, there are bugs:

  • Shortcuts on the desktop are unclickable
  • No icons in the Start menu and in some programs
  • Design settings lxappearance doesn’t open
  • PcManFM (GTK) file manager refuses to delete multiple files and crashes

And other.
I don’t have the skills to fix and maintain this.
Besides, Lxqt works fast too.

Neither do I. That is part of why I recommend passing information along to devs on OpenMandriva Chat. They may see posts here but there is no guarantee.

Edit: Or file a bug report. Bug reports have the advantage of a longer term record of the issue and what transpires in documenting the problem and hopefully correcting. Bug reports are usually easier for other people to follow.

All you need to install is task-lxde:

sudo dnf install task-lxde

LDXE in cooker is build against GTK3, only some themes are still using some GTK2 stuff.

Yes, but it’s in cooker, and I’m using 5.0.
Anyway, I don’t really need LXDE as LXQt is prettier and fast too.

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