Lx4.1/Rolling users need to run "dnf distro-sync"

Yesterday in preparation for OM Lx 4.1 RC release @bero did another copy cooker2rolling procedure. All Lx4.1/Rolling users to upgrade existing systems need to do a distro-sync (from Konsole):

sudo dnf clean all

sudo dnf distro-sync

and pay attention if there is any kernel upgrade in that. If there is it probably won’t boot. Don’t worry. Just upgrade the rest. Reboot system to working kernel, remove the non-working kernel, and repeat the above commands. (You probably won’t see this unless you had main/testing repository enabled.)

OM Lx 4.1 RC ISO’s will be coming soon.

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Daggummit. Just discovered a very unfortunate issue that directly bears on this. See post here. It is ultra important for Rolling and Cooker users.