LVM initialization - OMA 4.2RC

At system startup, the logical volume groups are not activated, preventing the instructions contained in “fstab” from being executed.

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Welcome back @atf

This is from Lx 4.2 RC Release Notes:


At this time partitioning LVM and Raid setups with Calamares installer are not supported.

If there is any way to work around this it would be our developers that know. They are at #openmandriva @ Freenode IRC. Or go to OM home page and select Chat.

Hi @atf, in the case your Logical Volume does not contain the OpenMandriva system, ensure lvm2 package is installed on your system and your /etc/fstab file is filled with all data (you can post id if yuo’re in doubt)

As said by @ben79 installing OpenMandriva LX4.2 on a LVM partitioned disk is not officially supported but it is not impossible (I mean I did it few days ago), but this requires some non trivial skills at installation time (but there is nothing really difficult).

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Thank you, ben79 and mandrian.
In fact, I thought it was a forgetfulness to activate LVM2 services.
I solved the problem with a script for automatic execution at the beginning of the session.
Best regards.

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