Looking for OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra theme

Like for every new major release, we need a theme for the OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 wallpapers-extra contest.
Wallpapers-extra is a collection of non-default wallpapers contributed by the users.
Currently we already have some suggestions (*):

  • Nitrogen (the actual chemical element from the periodic table)
  • Balance (or equilbrium)
  • Nitrogen > Life
  • Ice
  • Atmosphere

Please refer to [this topic] for long comments or discussion, or add a comment here below just for quick inputs.

The deadline for suggestions is 26 July 2018. Then we’ll have a quick poll, and finally we’ll call the contest.

Let your fantasy run and give us some brilliant hints ;-).

(*) We’ll keep the list updated with your quick inputs.


«Atmosphere» (as it’s the main component of our atmosphere)

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Please vote the [Poll]