Lock Screen and VT issues


I am using Lx 4.3 Rock channel with the Plasma Desktop.

When I lock the screen, when logging in it just goes to a black desktop with a mouse cursor. For some reason, VT’s do not show up when I Ctrl+Alt+F so getting logs after will be tricky. There is a weird artifact on the screen instead of showing the console. I’m sure that is probably a resolution setting in the boot line.

I have an nvidia GTX 960 and I am using the regular nvidia install package. I am also using two monitors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Things I have tried thus far:
Disabling the compositor - Lock screen issue

Still no VT’s, just artifacts on the top edge of the primary monitor. Changes have not fixed the lock screen issue.

Halfway there. Using nvidia-current resolved the lock screen issue.

The other issue is because of the nvidia driver and framebuffer. I tried several different grub settings. Failsafe menus would probably behave as normal, but with the nvidia driver loaded VT’s do not work. Since I can’t edit the post further, I will just call the lock screen issue solved.

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