Localized events with clock widget

Is It possible , like with KDE, to have national events (holydays, not working days etc) with clock widget ?
after googling it seems it’s possible with akonadi, but not sure of me.

someone has succeeded ?

– download (or create) a calendar in ical format (.ics)
– open systemsettings/personal information/add/ical calendar file and complete the fields
The new calendar is immediately included in the clock widget

As an example, you can try with this French school calendar.
Here are other potentially useful calendars.

Are we speaking lx3 ? because in systemsetting I have not “/personal information/add”

Oops! I was wondering why you asked…
In plasma5, the clock widget cannot handle that (only korganizer can).
Another solutiuon might be the use of the plasmoïd Event Calendar but it is not very convenient.
It seems you cannot display a local calendar, only google agendas.

one more reason, for me, to think that plasma is in regression compared to classical KDE, from a user point of view. :innocent:

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My thought is not very far from yours. But I remember, it was the same after switching from kde 3 to kde 4. Then step by step kde 4 became more friendly.
I hope we will see the same evolution with plasma 5.

Yep, this is the general feeling. The only difference is at time of KDE3 > KDE4 nobody denied it was still unstable and subject to heavy improvements.
Those stating that currently Plasma5 is stable - and usable from a common user POV - in my opinion they are not 100% right :innocent: