List of most open bug reports (2020-08-28)

These are bugs filed at aka our Bugzilla against various versions of OM Lx mostly against Cooker.

This is most of the recent bugs but not all, There will be some package request and “difficult to understand” bug reports not listed here.

List current as of 2020-08-28 I checked back to 2020-01-01.

User has to enter password twice for wifi (Plasma-NM applet broken?)

Package request for broadcom-wl. (User request)

openCPN coredump/segfault

[Package Request] QGIS

Cooker Host: VirtualBox 6.1.12 VM’s do not start

VBox plasma desktop crash (virtualbox-guest-additions)

Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.19.3, KF 5.72.0

Change to mount point in KDE Partition Manager are not written to /etc/fstab (ALL OM Lx versions)

Upgrade one branch kernel to another branch kernel of same version number fails.

grub2-editor (kcm_grub2) “Failed to save GRUB settings.” DBus backend error. (ALL OM Lx versions)

Issues when creating issues in bugzilla

Samba works not

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Sort of double posted this (also to Cooker forum and Cooker ML). I’ll do whatever I need to to get attention for bug reports.

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