List of current open bugs as of 2020-05-20

For anyone interested in helping squash bugs. Also for information for an users knowing of technical issues not reported.

List current as of 2020-05-20 I checked back to 2020-01-01. So this list does not include bugs before that date. The goal is to simply keep everyone up to date on majority of current bug reports. (Generally I leave less relevant bug reports out of a list like this.)

Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.18.90 (Cooker)

Change to mount point in KDE Partition Manager are not written to /etc/fstab (ALL OM Lx versions)

Wine package not working because incomplete (Lx 4.1)

OM-Control-Center does not work with Wayland (Cooker)

After cp cooker to rolling distro-sync does not create initrd or boot entry for latest kernel (Rolling)

grub2-editor (kcm_grub2) “Failed to save GRUB settings.” DBus backend error. (ALL OM Lx versions)

Dolphin crash at launch (Cooker)

Issues when creating issues in bugzilla

Samba works not

1 1/2 minute to Boot ASUS X550CA notebook/i5 3337U

For serious bugs please file a bug report instead of or in addition to reporting here. Reporting issues in forum only gets you help from other users. If you expect help from developers you need to file a bug report.

If you don’t have time to file a bug report why do you think anyone would have time to work on your issue?