Libreoffice does not recognize keyboard type

Libreoffice seems not recognize keyboard. It seems to use international keyboard.

After installing packages libreoffice-language-support, libreoffice, and libreoffice-base, libreoffice writer refuses to open a new file and requires a JRE installation…

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To be fair I’m not well versed in these matters as a US English speaker. Nor am I an expert with LibreOffice.

Is everything set like you want it in Options>Language Settings? That looks like where you would set that.

When you say libreoffice-language-support what do you mean the libreoffice-l10n-xx package for your language. (Which as I remember might be libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR? Apologies if I remember incorrectly.)

Post-edit: Don’t know if this helps but in Tools>Options/Language Settings>Languages there is a setting for ‘Enhanced Language Support’ “Ignore system input language”. Don’t if that does/does not affect keyboard.

This one is more of reach or a guess.

One other possibility might be if you have libreoffice-kde5 package installed that might be interfering with something so you could try removing it and see if it helps. If not simply reinstall it. libreoffice-kde5 is a “look and feel” package only to make LO look more Qt/KDE instead of GTK so it should not at all affect functionality of LO applications.

I have locale packages installed and libreoffice is properly translated. I have libreoffice-kde5 installed also and this made libreoffice menu more readable (without it letters was too small). The point is that the keyboard seems to be set as Us or international and characters like ç are not where they are supposed to be … Now, after installing libreoffice-base and libreoffice-extension-languagetool-6.2.0-1.x86_64, I have this JRE problem … I guesss I’d better file a bug on it …

In fact, characters like ã, á, â are the ones that I can’t reproduce at libreoffice. No problem with “ç”.
Also, the JRE problem arises if I install


I’ve removed it and JRE is no longer demanded.

And, reinstalling libreoffice and libreoffice-base did not help.

Yes, after removing this package, characters like á are back again.
Unfortunately this backs the small letters menu…

Filed bug 2416 on this.