Latest snapshot ISO's for OM Lx 4.1 Alpha

znver1: Show - Product PLASMA+SDDM+znver1 iso - Platform rolling - ABF

x86_64: Show - Product PLASMA+SDDM+x86_64 iso - Platform rolling - ABF

There will be more changes coming for Beta release. That I know of will be kernel 5.4.x and Qt 5.14 RC or Final plus the usual many updates package versions.

I have installed both on hardware system on a computer with Ryzen5 3600 CPU. That is what znver1 is for Ryzen and other Zen AMD CPU’s.

how about its display driver default?

Don’t know what you mean. OpenMandriva like most Linux distros uses dynamic configuration for display drivers so what ever display driver it uses depends on the graphic hardware. Needless to say this applies to opensource display drivers. We don’t have real support for proprietary graphic drivers.

So I guess the display driver default would be what ever the operating system thinks your graphic hardware is supposed to need.

So on my Ryzen5 box I have Radeon R7 240 GPU so system uses radeon driver by default. I can add kernel parameters to get it to use amdgpu driver if I so choose. (Yeah, FWIW that is a very cheap, low end, GPU.)