Last Cooker ISO, what a mess!

Hi all.

I think that we are generating a mess with Cooker ISOs.

I downloaded some days ago the last ISO available in SourceForge. It’s build 14226, and it was released around Jan. 29th (

In ABF there are newer versions. But the only ones visible right now in Product PLASMA+SDDM+x86_64 iso - Platform cooker - ABF have “build failed” all of them. So nothing new is available in ABF. talk about build 14313, which is not available anymore (and it was said in the thread that build 14313 have problems anyway).

The home page of OpenMandriva project only point to Cooker in “Downloads” menu, where we can go to Cooker - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva, a totally outdated page.

Can be all this mess be fixed someway? Can be some “official cooker download page” be determined and published “somewhere” (here in Discourse, in OMV home page, in the old forum)? Keep in mind that I think that SourceForge SHOULD BE that official cooker download page.

PS:, the last build in this moment, still says “–version=2015.0”. Are there any chance to adopt “–version=lx3” or similar in the future?

I started with (the older build that appears in Product PLASMA+SDDM+x86_64 iso - Platform cooker - ABF) and went backwards one by one (14392, 14391, …). Before build 14393 only appears a valid OMV at (which is a “minimal” version) and then is another failed build of OMV Lx3 32-bits (it should be, note the number of product) before reaching build 14313, a 64-bits already stated as problematic.

So at least from my point of view, the newest valid and downloadable ISO for 64-bits OMV Lx3 Cooker is, actually, build 14226, available in SourceForge.
There’s no 32-bits version available. Product page (Product PLASMA+SDDM+i586 iso - Platform cooker - ABF) only have “build failed” versions, and SourceForge page doesn’t list a 32-bits Cooker ISO.

yes and … no :smile:

in cooker a succession of isos is normal . About the Fosdem iso, to my POV, it was error to publish it in sourceforge (very bad iso indeed)
new iso are no longer in but now in our farm
for PLASMA+SDDM+x86_64 iso here
for respin 2014.2 (maybe) here
all products here
and repository will be here (I don’t know if sync is finished)
For the “wiki”, you are right it is not very up to date. The changeover to the new farm would be the occasion of the remove dust. But it still has the same problem, it takes time, volunteers etc.

Yes, I understand we can have a looooot of ISOs, even a new one every day. But the mess is what it’s becoming hard to follow which one is the ISO we can use to test. Now we have 3 possible sources (sourceforge, ROSA ABF, OMV ABF) and nobody says anything officially (remember your post about communication, or the lack of it) and even more, available ISOs are bad !!
Actually, the only valid 64-bits ISO is, well, build 14226.

We had a glimpse about a possible new ABF, in the same thread about communication problems.

[quote=“jojodu34, post:2, topic:273, full:true”]for PLASMA+SDDM+x86_64 iso here
[/quote]And guess what: nothing available here !!

I share your point of view. Just please set more realistic dates.

Please don’t increase the mess :smile:

Not really exact…

SourceForge, it’s for public download, we’re uploading there only official (Alpha, Beta, …, Final) releases. FOSDEM time ISO was an exception.

At we see only latest failed builds, so I guess we can forget the link from now on -unless any further different communication.

Re our own abf, nobody announced any ISO or link to be used yet. Please let’s be patient and wait for announcement and/or call for testing.

Some of us are willing to act as a “bridge” between developers (and whole OpenMandriva Team as well) and users.
We already do, even if communication need to be enhanced -and it will-, but please give us a breath :wink:
Anyone is more than welcome to join and help with wiki, or everything s/he can contribute. Just give a shout.