Languages management

There are several ways we could manage languages. We could have separated databases, but it’s not very flexible.
We could have subcategories by language, this is usually done in several free software project forum.

There is also another way to do this, which could be using language tags, you can see an example here (see the flags on the to right, you can filter posts by language)

But the problem is that categories titles are not translated.

So the discussion is still open :slight_smile:

I think a good idea would be to have first categories as languages…

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I’ve tried global reorganization by language. Maybe with this pattern it would be better to display categories first instead of latest.


Ok I’ve changed the default home as a test.

Also I’ve given the highest weight to English so that it stays on top, the lowest to Sandbox, and all other languages have the same weight, meaning the most active languages will raise over less active ones.

I see it perfect imo.
Do you know what I did wrong for Italian greetings not be listed at the right of It category?

For what I understand, as I changed the structure, it adds new content on the right (the three latest posts), Already existing posts, I mean before the structure change, aren’t considered new. I myself made a mistake by creating a new post instead of modifying the old one, so it’s why you can see it…

Ok, no problem then. Just curious :slight_smile:

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