Landing Page (LP) new look and feel

Like discussed previously, I’m working on a proof of concept with Spip.

There has been a discussion, in the past including @anurag and more recently about Spip being first dedicated to France only, but the opening more and more to international (which means method names are a mix of French and English), however it’s very well documented in English and many other languages. I can open a parallel discussion about if needed.

It’s a very simple yet robust and versatile CMS which @jclvanier and I master very well (nd started to document in BBW) which may solve several issues including: better management of translations, cookies, securiity fixes, data optimization and compression; a flexible frontend able to integrate several kind of templates (with themes, responsivity etc…); A very simple backend, where it’s easy to give rights and credits to translators, follow the overall site activity…

I started a quick proof of concept, please be aware I did not work a lot on the appearance and look&feel. I have made it from scratch, starting by copying very quickly and roughly Rugyada’s template (just I used Bootstrap intead of Foundation as I know better the first, and did not have time to learn another framework (I have nothing against Foundation which seems to have positive reviews).

Here is the quick and dirty LP here

Below the latest (fake) blog articles that lead to a blog template here

Again don’t take in account the look and feel, it’s a technical draft, i used what I had under my hand to make something; Any look and feel can be done, if we want we can make it look like, but my general idea would be that we should have a template that is well integrated with landing page. Besides several features, I have worked on translations, responsiveness (try to modify the browser window size to see the changes) etc.

Here is a blog post example

For people who would like to see how the backend looks like, please request an account.

So my suggestion would be that we not only work on the LP look and feel but also the blog template and even some generic pages that are no blogs (like documentation)

For the record, the last related council meeting: #openmandriva-council Meeting


No time to loose but seems doable

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@apterix @rugyada wdyt?

Sorry for bumping, but are we still working on this? The landing page looks nice. I’d personally like to see it live.

Normally yes but we have “got” a terrible lack of time …

Recent events in Paris took a bit of my time with my family, but we’re working on it :slight_smile:

How’s the new landing page is coming up? Any plans to make it live soon?

Lately at C-meeting we ended to agree the need is first focusing on discourse forum migration, QA and testing new sections as well as using discourse ML feature. And all the work around…

@anurag If you are available for a more than welcome helping hand so to speed up LP creation, please feel free to give a shout :wink:

Sure. I have free time on weekends sometimes. I can help with the LP.

Is there a TODO list somewhere for the LP? And where can I find the code?

Sure, is there a moment we can meet on IRC or any chat?

@anurag ping :slight_smile:

Sorry, @raphael. I missed this earlier. Sure, let’s meet sometime. I’ll fill the doodle that Kate has sent.

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