Konsole exit button will not close if a pager or other action is active

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I have deliberately put this in coffee and not in support for 2 reasons.

A I can exit konsole by closing the action
B its for info purposes only for those of us not used to konsole,
(I am a lxterminal fanboy) :wink:

first how to duplicate.
run this command as a local user in konsole

less /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

then use mouse to hit the “exit” button.

konsole refuses to close.

then press q to quit less…exit button now functions


or try another active command

man inxi

exit button refuses to play until you press Q to quit man page

FWIW no problem using exit button on rxvt.
(I have yet to build lxterminal for OM)

Hope that helps someone

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As I understand it: Konsole does not close when there is an active process running in Konsole. Both of your examples fit that scenario. You can close Konsole but if you do the process will remain running in the background and then when you logout or reboot there might be a delay while the system scratches it’s head and figures out how to close the unexpected running process. In both cases you should see a dialog window like the one in my screen shot telling you to quit the running process or if you really want you can close the window.

I notice you have a pop dialog box warning you of a running process.

I have no such beast on my system.

clean install of OpenMandrivaLx.4.1-plasma.znver1.iso
but as you may notice from my other post…I may have an issue.

BTW I always check the hash value before writing to usb stick and I use blkid to check my target…and then I used from memory
as I have 2 internal drives…its a tower.

sudo if=OpenMandrivaLx.4.1-plasma.znver1.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M && sync

From there…I boot the usb then run then installer.
I have a spare data partition that I do not allow the installer to overwrite.

Then something is wrong. You definitely should have that dialog window. But let’s keep the conversation it the other thread for now. (Don’t want to put negative vibes on anyone’s coffee break!)