Kicad and Unison-GTK

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Good morning!
I would like to ask if it would be possible to make KiCad-EDA installable? There is a problem with the Python version. I use KiCad-EDA extensively when writing curriculum.
Also, I use Unison (Unison-GTK) to keep my documentation in sync across 3 different machines.
I cannot find it for OpenMandriva.
(I am a recent emigree from Debian) Am too much of an amateur to compile myself.

Hello, @OlleGladso, greetings, I am sure you are a teacher, am I right? For KiCAD, thanks to your question I am trying to install it from Flatpak like you might see below. I am using OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 “Argon”. It is still progressing as I am typing this right now. You can try it too. Important note: Flatpaks are surely very large (this one KiCAD might need 1GB download or more).

What is Flatpak? Flatpak is a single way to obtain software you want no matter what is your GNU+Linux distro you are using. Flatpak applications are available in a central place called Flathub. Discover, our gate to get software applications on OpenMandriva, can be set to download us Flatpaks.

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