Keepassx 2 missing

I tried the new OpenMandriva Lx3 on Virtualbox and liked it a lot. I wish to install it on HD as my main OS but I noticed that package keepassx has not been updated and it’s still on version 0.4.4 which is not compatible with the new version 2. I use keepassx all the time and all distros I know updated to version 2.
Is there any chance that this package will be updated on OpenMandriva?
Or is there any (easy) way to install it in Openmandriva from other similar distros like Fedora or Opensuse?

Please file a pkg request here:


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:+1: Done!
Thanks for the suggestion.

if you are a brave, in the meantime you can try this:

from RosaLinux that seems working :wink:

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Yes it’s working! and I’m going to install OM Lx3 on harddrive.
Thank you!

keepassx got updated to 2.0.2 version.