KDE5 configuration files and .KDE4

I have installed (fresh installation) OMV LX 3.0 over a OMV 2014.2 with KDE4. /home was preserved with many configuration files. I’ve moved .KDE4 to a different directory so as to have new configuration files upon login. The point is that a new .KDE4 is always created. I have read somewhere else that the new KDE5 would no longer use directories like .KDE5 but only ~/.config and ~/.local for user configurations.

Does anybody know why my KDE5 always create a new .KDE4 if no .KDE4 is found during login?


I don’t know why but it is normal for every install I’ve done.

What is .KDE4 for? Inside .kde4 I have a directory share that contains another directory apps which contains a symlink,

RecentDocuments -> ~/.local/share/RecentDocuments

Inside ~/.local/share/RecentDocuments there is another link with the same name that points exactly as above. This creates a kind of infinite loop. One could do

$ cd RecentDocuments


Once again I posted you question on Cooker ML. Here’s reply from TPG:

Yes, it provides just a compatibility with other apps that may search for .kde4

No need to worry about.

I’ve fixed this symlink madness :slight_smile: