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In another topic, wget was somehow left aside when compared to aria2.

Well, don’t know much about this, just noticed that with

urpmi --aria2 --auto-update

when wifi/internet gets off (here I have problems), download is interrupted and I have to restart all over again

and with,

urpmi --wget --auto-update

if wifi gets off, the download is simply interrupted and restarts as soon as wifi is back.

Thus, much much better option to download files as big as a 1GB!

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Well, at least this is just for coffee break,

After 3 attempts, wget also stopped.

Kind of described here. These suggestions are in the category of work around. As far as if any of these will stop and then restart I don’t know. Maybe there is a command line option that would enable that.

For users that have internet that is slow or gets interrupted we recommend:

# urpmi --autoupdate --test

Which will download everything, check dependencies, and then tell user “Installation possible” if all is well.

There is a ‘urpmi --auto-update --download-all’ but I’m not sure I typed that exactly right. You should be able to find it in ‘urpmi --help’. It does just that downloads everything first then updates.

Just for information for everyone: You can set whether urpmi uses curl, wget, or aria2 with drakrpm-edit-media.



Looks like -c or --continue might do what you want.

Thanks, Ben

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Let’s hope it helps.