Just saying hello

In 2005, a young hacker and coder introduced me to Fedora Core 2. Shortly there after, I was introduced to Mandrake Linux and thus began my long standing usage. I have inˈevitably made my way back and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the community. openMandriva is looking pretty good these days and I am looking forward to getting back to using something solid.

Thanks =)


Hello, and welcome ctzn. I myself started with Fedora Core 3.

Welcome aboard c:)

Hello @ctzn , Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Now if someone could come over and help me find my 7.2 Box set, that would be great! =)

Nothing related, I was curious about Clearwater, Florida

It seems very nice: warm weater, and according to Wikipedia, 1% native French speakers :grin:

OT: FWIW: In Louisiana there are 2.8% reporting French speaking concentrated in South Louisiana. Some parishes report as high as 18% French speaking.

Edit: Or maybe 7 % of Louisiana speaks French according to this.

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Hi there !