Issues with 4.3

Some observations after I finally got 4.3 going after upgrade:
no sound - had to install pulseaudio-server
firefox crashed on every tab - had to install it again and use old profile
wifi password is not saved, have to enter it every time start up
night colour control looks wrong - screen has gone orange half an hour after sunset
kfind does not work - seems to be in an infinite loop, finds nothing
These things were just fine in 4.2
I release they probably are the fault of KDE rather than OM

Same problem with firefox… seems around http and https…???

Can you test Firefox from mozilla website (this non branded, prebuild binary)?

Welcome @td_22 to OpenMandriva and the forum.

This is posted for benefit of any user anticipating doing the distribution upgrade, or distro-sync from Rock OM Lx 4.2 to OM Lx 4.3. The instructions or “How To” are here. A fresh install is always preferred over a distribution upgrade. One reason is fewer problems.

This is covered here

Then we need to install the new pipewire-pulse sound server package.

$ sudo dnf install pipewire-pulse.

Can not tell from information provided. OM Lx 4.3 when released had FF 96 and a week later FF 97. There were reports of crashes and FF 97 seems to have cleared that issue. As @AngryPenguin suggests installing Firefox from Mozilla website is a good problem solving step for Firefox issues. Also setting a new profile and removing extensions. Mozilla developers do not like for us to use old profiles with new versions of FF. And OM Lx 4.2 to 4.3 went from FF 85 to 96. Big jump. I regularly have to replace or re-install some extensions here for some FF upgrades.

Open SystemSettings>Connection and remove existing wifi connection and setup a new one. This usually works for me. Sometimes I have to do it more than once until it behaves. NetworkManager is finicky.

Open SystemSettings>Display>Night Color and set as needed. The default setting is all the way to the left on “Warm” which is very orange to me.

Can not tell from information provided. KFind works normally here in OM Lx 4.3 including my Lx 4.2-to-4.3 test systems. I would guess re-installing might correct. If not a separate report with more detail might lead to an answer. Running a troublesome application from Konsole and posting that output in your report is a good first step. If there are more than 20 lines of ouput put it in a .txt file and post that.

Users tend to forget that when we do a distribution upgrade we are keeping a lot of old settings. This is something that “should work, shouldn’t be a problem”. In the real world sometimes there are problems. One of the most notorious examples of this is using settings from an older desktop with a newer version. Another is that on systems where user has added a lot of packages this may keep some other packages from upgrading that normally would upgrade which in turn might cause problems. If that happens to be the case for someone then this might clear that up:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync

Note:If you do use --allowerasing write down any packages dnf removes in case you want or need to add them back after.

I eventually found night colour settings (I was accustomed to Redshift on other distros): amazed to find it was set at 1000 degrees, and changed it to 3000, which is reasonable tint.
I reinstalled kfind, and it works. So that seems to be first thing to try if something else is broken after upgrade.
I have firefox 97.0 now and it has no other gremlins.
I did not install pipewire-pulse and audio is okay for me.
I will try deleting the wireless connection and creating a new one. Fortunately I still use copper ethernet as well.