Issues management: Migration from Bugzilla to GitHub-Issues

This topic has been discussed Thursday during Council meeting, there are some obvious advantages but also some concerns. On the very positive side, it seems it should help devs a lot to follow and fix issues, as all the work is concentrated in github (or ABF). Then no need to follow a different place. Using github Issues is supported by most TC members as far as I know.

@Colin expressed some concerns about how to get the same features as in BugZilla (BZ) and get it easy to use for users. For an example on how to manage milestones for a distribution, see CoreOS (here).

For Getting things simple enough for users it was suggested that if we migrate to github issues, we use a single place (repository) for issues.

@robxu9 expressed some concerns about the huge number of repositories in OpenMandrivaAssociation organization (19000+) which is very unusual. It would be hard really for a github visitor to find the bugreport/issue repository amongst them.

I’m also concerned by some bugs that seem due to this huge number of repositories: it’s unpossible to load the repository list in mobile view. This is also the only organization to which I can’t validate my invitation (nginx 504 error).

I’d prefer we use OpenMandrivaSoftware for opening a new issues/bugs repository. Knowing that several projects from oma are developped there (abf, website, drakconf) while OpenMandrivaAssociation Is filled with thousands of specs and .abf.yml. files.

In any case, @colin propose we make a running test and I agree.

I’d like also to have some inputs from @ben79 who is in charge of QA :slight_smile: