Issue with Spip

@raphael @jclvanier

I’m experiencing issues attempting to write article/s.
In particular, I want to copy Garatti’s doc from here to here.
This is the second unlucky attempt actually, the first time it was a couple of days ago.

This morning screenshot:

Same or similar error also trying to modify other articles.

Also, while trying to upload an image, it seems neverending charging - the little icon never stop to rotate

Any help?

at first sight, it seems there is a general failure in the private (admin) part of the skeleton.
It might be simpler to reinstall spip.
I could be available this evening.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No need to thanks :wink:
I was wrong. The issue seemed to be related to imagick libraries.
I chose convert in this config page and the issue seems gone.
Can you confirm?

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Yes, it seems to work now.

Merci :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @rugyada and @jclvanier

For your information, I’m still almost unavailable until next week, but the week after I’ll be able to fully come back (back for bucks… or maybe not :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Who knows ?

This should be done now. See for preview here

Please double check as the task has been not that much headaches-free as one may think… :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Big work done. Thank you !
Can you enlighten me on those few following points?
– is the all page content the work of only David or did you update some parts?
After a quick read, I think some updates or complements might be added here:
– dd: add a warning and give a procedure to secure the operation
– rosa image writer: it is already in the repos
– “Use the same password for the administrator account”: give details on this functionality
– partitioning: EFI, luks, raid
The complements could added in a “advanced” page.

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It’s all from Davide (
I just changed some bits (very few, mostly fixes/typos) here and there at my best.

Right - ROSA Image Writer is in our repo and more comes with ISO by default, but people may use another distro or Windows :slight_smile:
We could add something like: “… ROSA Image Writer is already available for OpenMandriva Lx users as pre-installed software” (or such- feel free to reword).

By the way: ROSA Image Writer is the tool suggested by others too, see for example Neon
PS> I always prefer to provide ROSA wiki upstream link since it’s supposed to find there the latest version.

Re the other points, I agree but leave the technical stuff to experts :stuck_out_tongue:


@raphael @jclvanier
another old issue is that it seems not to consider the empty lines when you start a new paragraph.
Not even the double Enter helps, afaics.
Dirty workaround is to put a dot, however it’s far from being elegant , you’ll agree for sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Colin asked me for blog post about 3.03 upcoming release (original draft here). You can see the preview here.
If anyone is available for fixing please do. Thanks.

Hi rugyada,
you might insert a fake html tag like <mybr></mybr>
I did it 3 times in replacement of the first point.

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As you can see with CTL U (view source of the page), spip inserts its own br tag:

<mybr></mybr><br class='autobr'/>
<mybr></mybr><br class='autobr'/>
<otherfaketag></otherfaketag><br class='autobr'/>
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quicker than the BIOS!


spip inserts its own br tag

Aaaaaaaah !!! :angry:
That’s why it’s not accepting the simple/common br html tag - I tried many times before and I feeled my “wishes” happily ignored (seems to be trendy, currently :smiling_imp: :mask: )

Thanks, will try to fix all the instances asap.
:white_check_mark: Postedit: done

No clue, I just copy/pasted the text Colin yesterday sent to me by email :slight_smile:

Frankly I’m more puzzled by:

Stay tuned for upcoming 3.1 release.

:interrobang: :interrobang:
Still waiting for Colin’s explanation.

Well there are several things.

One was more a problem of materialize_css rather than spip, the margin between two paragraphs was removed by the CSS stylesheet of materialize.

So I fix it :slight_smile:

This means, as before, a single line break include a <br>

PS: I remove the useless tags from the text, it seems really weird :stuck_out_tongue:

But also, as it should be, a blank line between two texts now creates a paragraph change, visually it will be similar to two line breaks, but it’s nicer from a semantic point of view.

If you want to make several line breaks at a time, you simply have to put <br> several times, or if you prefer xhtml <br /> also works.

using fake <bobo></bobo> also works, but as it’s html5 simply using <bobo> is ok. Anyway, I prefer <br>, it makes more sense to me :slight_smile: Please look at the end of you will see examples.

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Quick examples for rugyada

Merci beaucoup.
I think that I should cut & paste this part somewhere and leave it there as “note at hand” for future reference, since it will be deleted from the post before publishing :slight_smile:

Yes, and I should have myself done a clear document way before :innocent:

Where would you like me to write it?

At your choice :smiley:

If workshop, it seems good place :slight_smile:

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