ISO building installs packages from /testing repository

This is happening since long time now. It has been reported again in 2017-03-29 TC meeting.
Seems not yet fixed, can you confirm?

Most recent x86_64 .iso is # 938 and it does include packages from main-testing. I checked it when I downloaded it Sunday.

At the moment .iso’s can’t be checked or downloaded due to:

Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

so I can’t check to i586 .iso’s.

Or in chromium:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

The same here.

I just performed a fresh installation in vbox using iso # 938. How can I search packages from testing repos?

btw there are packages with wrong sign again (for instace *lightdm).

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Alexander investigated and seems solved now.

The browser/download error was occurring already at time of opening this discussion. I thought it was just my problem…

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I confirm. It’s working here now.

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ISO 938 build log is here

adding medium “MainTesting”

Search for /testing in the log… :unamused:

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Check the ‘iso_build.log’ that shows which repos are in play.

Packages in testing repos aren’t signed by OMA/ABF so probably packages without signature are from a testing repo. Unless there has been a mistake. If it’s a package in standard repos without signature then that’s a bug and needs to be reported.

Edit: lightdm packages appear to be in violation.

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Yep, fixed, thanks Alexander! :joy:

is there a way to distinguish packages from testing once installed?

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You get the wrong signature warning only if/when you install stuff from /testing repo, so you may have enabled it.
In the standard configuration one should have not though :slight_smile:

Well… yes, unless there has been a mistake.

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Once installed I’d say not. But you can look at the console while installing. It says something like: the following packages will be installed, and after the list and where they come from.
Sorry I cannot exactly quote the console message right now, but you got it :slight_smile:

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ligthdm 1.17.5-2 is from "main " medium. I reported on bugzilla.


… and it is unusable at the moment :disappointed:

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Let’s go back on topic.
I think this is a severe bug. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

@Colin @TPG

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Thanks but a little training and education. To my knowledge you mentioned it in an existing bug. That won’t get the attention of developers. It needs it’s own bug report or developers won’t be aware.

Edit: Need to add that from what I’m reading there are 2 seperate bugs with lightdm. One is incorrect or non-existing signature. Two is that it doesn’t work correctly for mandian. So needs 2 bug reports.

I’m filing a bug report on lightdm missing signature. Someone else needs to file a report on it not working properly. I don’t have time myself plus I have no reason to use it.

Edit: Here.

Well it turned out to be a feature, not really a bug :stuck_out_tongue:
TPG replied me that it is intentional.

Refresh my memory please. Here we’re talking packages from main-testing being included on .iso?

Yes, that wanted to be the subjec of the topic - [lots of]OT permitting… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: