Is there anyway we could get our Manual/Documentation updated for Lx 3.03?

Not sure if this is best place to post this?

Is there anyway we could get our Manual/Documentation update for Lx 3.03? I might be able to help with this if it’s possible and permissible.


I also asked Davide Garatti here.

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We updated and remade the contents still useful, and left the rest as currently outdated stuff.

Documentation here:


Those pages are all either fine or at least good enough.

So I jumped the gun on this post I guess.

OpenMandriva Lx - Quick Start

Could use updating in the features section but otherwise there’s not much to complain about and a lot to be thankful for. Or better would be a pane next to existing 3.0 features pane with features for Lx 3.03.

But that’s about it.

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I have updated

I’ve sent an email to Ben but i received “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”
and also to mailing list

in any case here it is the original message:


I have updated the following documentation to LX 3.03
In few day I’m going to give a refreshed also to

I think would be better to remove all the old documentation like
OpenMandriva Welcome
OpenMandriva Lx 2014

let me know


Thanks for your work. Looks good.

One correction: OpenMandriva kernels no longer include ‘nrjQL’ but may contain a lot of the same features.

Don’t understand why this would be. I don’t normally have any problems sending and receiving e-mail’s. There was a period this past weekend where I was working on wifi issue and my router was rebooted a number of times. Don’t know if that could be it or not. Maybe you could try sending an e-mail to me again?

I’ve just sent to you an email for test…

No I think there is some problem …

This is the mail system at host


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There is a problem:

“CXBL The sending IP address has been blocked by Cox due to exhibiting spam-like behavior”

I have no idea why as I know nothing about the sending address or what the sending address is. To unblock there is a request form here.

OpenMandriva Lx Quick Start published.

While transfering the content into Documentation at our main official website section, I fixed arranged and modified some bits at my best. Hope Davide won’t mind, and thanks a lot for his contribution.
At any rate please double check and let me know if there is anything left to do.
In particular, besides kernel and KDE versions, I’m short on time to check if apps versions in the list are actually up to date or anything is missing. If anyone have some spare time please do.


Thanks, that’s a good addition to that site. Looks good to me.

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