Is releasing OM Lx 3 with Plasma 5 wise?

I’m starting to wonder about Plasma 5. Haven’t been able to update it for over a month now (or so it seems) due to a few broken packages. That’s a long time to be broken. And we’re at version 5.4.x with all these problems and no screensaver or in my case no sound either? In my case I also get a lot of random freeze ups with Plasma 5 where on the same system no freeze ups on LXQt (VBox and partition). Also for such a big change we need a good bit of time to test and solve bugs but for the longest time we can’t because it won’t even update. I’m aware that some people have been able to ‘force’ the update but that isn’t good testing for a what we hope to be a stable, quality release. I have all kinds of trouble forcing the update. Something always breaks. I wish I could get forcing the update figured out so I can see what version 5.4.1 is really like but so far no success.

When trying to update our primary desktop always breaks something for this long of a time frame it is, um, well, scary. Not confident in this desktop at all.

I’m starting to think we should consider a release with KDE4 and give more time for Plasma 5 to get to a working/stable state.

One thing that might help my impression would be exactly how does one get the forced update to work? I know you lose Dolphin and Konqueror and I guess get stuck with inferior PCMan file manager.

Any way I’m off to try one more time in vbox to force the damn update.

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From my experience Plasma 5.4.1 doesn’t freeze anymore.

File managers like dolphin and konqueror gone lost, pcmanfm is currently in a bad shape although someway usable.
Context menu doesn’t work and I cannot run pcmanfm as root.
It’s really a pain when you have to work with root files. mc is the only tool helping a bit but I find it not user-friendly at all. I would be grateful if anyone can suggest me an alternative working one.

To be safe I put grub, efi*, kernel, and some more in skip.list soon after 5.4.1 big update :wink:

Welcome to Cooker! :stuck_out_tongue:



urpmi dolphin

IMG :wink:

I don’t really know the current state of Plasma 5 integration into Cooker, but it would be sad not to have it… :slight_smile:


Oh, we’ll have it. Part of this thread is me being uber frustrated and not quite knowing what to do to make things better.

I just got a successful upgrade to 5.4.1 done yesterday afternoon. I still am getting freeze ups in vbox. Am gonna try on hardware to see how that goes. Seems like I may be having more trouble with freeze ups than other folks.

I’ll make some tries on my laptop where there is a Cooker partition, I haven’t done updates since months so I may have some surprises…

It seems Linux Mint isn’t going on Plasma despite their number of developers.
Here you can find a reason and it seems Plasma will be postponed till the end of 2016!

Interesting reading.

We have 2014.2 stable release series though (ouch! 2014.x in year 2016… doesn’t it sound a bit weird? :innocent: )

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OM Lx 3 obviously isn’t going to be released until well into 2016. Not that anyone likes that, we don’t, just unfortunate things happening like ABF shutting down for over a month. And more.

And 2014.2 in to 2016? rugyada is right that’s gonna be a bit weird…


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