Is #openmandriva-cooker on Liberachat working?

For me #openmandriva-cooker on Liberachat is not working, meaning it is not bridging with OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix instance. This may cause confusion with people posting in #openmandriva-cooker Liberachat when there is no response. I am checking in to this and will post as I learn more.

What is see is posts in OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix appear in #openmandriva-cooker Liberachat but posts in #openmandriva-cooker Liberachat do now appear in OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix. Problem.

A little more on why I am concerned about this. A lot, maybe most, developers in Linux projects use Liberachat. So it would be easy for them to find #openmandriva-cooker in Liberachat and post there. And then there is no response because their post does not appear in OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix. So we look bad.

For now some of us in the contributor group have agreed to try to monitor both #openmandriva-cooker Liberachat and OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix. We hope to resolve this sometime soon.

ok, just for my understanding.
#openmandriva-cooker is a channel forum (english/cooker) and there should be (but isn’t) a bidirectional bridge to Librachat with also a channel #openmandriva-cooker, and also a bridge to matrix?

Same for #openmandriva (user) but that is working in all three directions. Did I got this right?

Yes. The result, unfortunately, is that for now it is best to communicate on OpenMandriva Cooker Matrix.

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