Is it possible to have this feature in discourse?

in the old forum, there is a page which I find interesting, because it gives an idea (a little) of whom is interested in the omv.
When the change will be actual, is it possible to have something similar and easily accessible in " discourse " ?

did you explore the “3 bars” menu (top right)?
Imo, it has more comprehensive features. For example, you have the list of active users, by days, weeks, months, …

I saw that, in fact, I search inscriptions day by day, it is a good measure of interest :wink:

You are right. Can this be considered as a replacement?

no :smile:
but maybe here with statistics (not great but better than nothing)

Wow, Discourse has 8 users. Seems the old forum has quite a bit more
than this.

I see 47 Ben :smiley:

Your right. I didn’t catch the ‘All time’ category. Glad I was wrong!

Ben Bullard