Is install to USB flash drive with persistance possible with OM Lx 3?

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(Eric Klumpp) #21

I tried this:

  • burn Live ISO on Flash Drive with dd
  • from my PC, use mandriva tool or gparted (I tried both) to create a second partition with remaining space
  • boot on Live USB, mount second partition
    Then the second partition is automatically mount in read only mode, and I wasn’t able to solve the problem.

Note that this could be a solution if I could make my demo completely portable, what I’m not sure.

With persistence, I would be able to specify a file, perhaps on the second partition, that would contain all modifications of the Live install: install of packages (with some limitations), account settings,…
So after a reboot I would have my customized Live USB, and it could be a real solution.

(Ben Bullard) #22

No secret I don’t have an answer. A developer could possibly come up with correct commands to do this from command line. If we only could get the attention of say @bero, @Colin, @fedya, or @TPG.

The best suggestion I have is to get involved with testing and reporting this with Lx 4 Alpha ISO’s thus getting our developers involved.

(Ben Bullard) #23

It’s time to try this with this. If this is ever going to be fixed it will involve developers and they are focused on latest version OM Lx 4.0 Alpha. We would appreciate the help testing so pass this on if you know others that may be interested.

Do yourself a favor and read Release Notes and Errata before installing.

Post-edit: I don’t have any reason to believe he original issue in this post is different in OM Lx 4.0 but to get this fixed will require getting developers involved and that will be easier if you are working with what they are working on.