Is install to USB flash drive with persistance possible with OM Lx 3?

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It’s time to try this with this. If this is ever going to be fixed it will involve developers and they are focused on latest version OM Lx 4.0 Alpha. We would appreciate the help testing so pass this on if you know others that may be interested.

Do yourself a favor and read Release Notes and Errata before installing.

Post-edit: I don’t have any reason to believe he original issue in this post is different in OM Lx 4.0 but to get this fixed will require getting developers involved and that will be easier if you are working with what they are working on.

I like the Debian approach to achieve what you’re after. I install Debian Testing with preferred DE and customize the looks and features I want, then install package live-build. Using live-build to build my customized Debian Testing live, I include all extra software I want, add appropriate customized configuration files from the installed running OS and add a root account. There are things that can’t be done as sudo, having a root account in a live CD is something I have not found in generic live CDs.

I have yet to find a need for persistence when the live CD image is configured to my needs. And it always runs fast.

There is also JLiveCD that can do similar, but does not cater to RPM based distros.

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