I have been distrohopping since I received my Framework 13" laptop. I originally was looking at Fedora, and Ubuntu, and many of their spins. After Ubuntu came out saying any spins must include SNAP in their distro and Red Hat losing their mind, I realised I wanted to find a distro that was independent, and rolling-release. I looked at Siduction, Arch, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Solus, and OpenMandriva LX. I quickly realized the Arch community is not a community I wanted to be part of. openSUSE did not seem to have much of a community at all. I then realised I wanted to purchase a Raspberry Pi 4 and wanted to have the same distro on my Framework and it, but I wanted Gnome on the Framework and KDE Plasma on the Pi. Solus has zero interest in ARM architecture and Siduction does not offer an ARM distro. That led me to OpenMandriva. So far, I am really enjoying the distribution. I believe my distrohopping has calmed down for the time being; however, I am interested in immutable distros and will be looking at Vanilla Orchid once it is released.

If I find any issues, have any concerns, or comments, I’ll be sure to drop them onto the forum. I currently work in IT, but will probably be transitioning out of IT by the beginning of 2024. I want to go back to college to get my associates in a healthcare related field.

Hello @Unab8dLy4m welcome to OpenMandriva forum.

As a new user you may want to have a look to documentation for OMLx.
OpenMandriva wiki and Forum Resources guide.

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