Intel AX200 speed very slow

I’m having extremely slow speeds on OpenMandriva. Running ‘rpm -qa | grep iwlwifi’ returns


I’m thinking this may be the wrong driver? I’m getting around 15mbps compared to 450mbps on other distros.

EDIT: Trying to uninstall and reinstall iwlwifi-agn-ucode does not work either.

There are so many things that can affect internet speed especially for wifi devices. Plus how are you measuring the speed? What driver is used on other distros with faster speeds? I would think they are using the same thing we are.

Intel tells us drivers for Linux are part of the kernel as kernel modules.

I have AX200 myself.

$ inxi -n
Network:   Device-1: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 driver: iwlwifi 
           IF: wlp4s0 state: up mac: d0:ab:d5:94:a1:6a 
           Device-2: Intel I211 Gigabit Network driver: igb 
           IF: enp5s0 state: down mac: 70:85:c2:d9:20:a0

And just a quick speed test at Ookla shows 170 Mbps. When downloading OM ISO’s or software from OM with dnf I see much faster speeds sometimes and occasionally, but rarely, as slow as you report.

This from our developers: The driver comes from the kernel and runs on your computer. The microcode comes from the iwlwifi-agn-ucode package and runs on the hardware itself.

You can try disabling the firewall and see if that makes a difference. The default firewall setting is “Allow” which means it is useless. My understanding is that modern Linux firewalls are only useful if the user configures it to actually do something.

Hello Ben,
Apologies for not responding sooner, I was at work.
I just did a speed test and got less than 5mbps, than did one immediately after and got over 470mbps. Not sure why it’s so variable.

Update: I still haven’t been able to figure out what the issue is. I have no firewalls, and my speed has been stuck at 50mbps whereas it’s almost 500 on other distros like Debian, Arch, Void, openSUSE, etc. I’m not very knowledgeable in networking, and so maybe it’s my own incompetence at this being the problem.

$ inxi -n
  Device-1: Intel Ethernet I218-V driver: e1000e 
  IF: enp0s25 state: down mac: d0:50:99:3b:5f:77 
  Device-2: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 driver: iwlwifi 
  IF: wlp7s0 state: up mac: 3c:9c:0f:8a:d1:bc 
  IF-ID-1: virbr0 state: down mac: 52:54:00:eb:09:68

I don’t see anything wrong with the output here, but my internet speed is horrible and it’s localized to OpenMandriva.

First check here and see if any problems reported with your ISP. Wifi is difficult to trouble shoot because it is difficult to determine where the problem originates. Form ISP? Router? Software issue? We already determined that iwlwifi is the correct driver for your hardware.

That is definitely not normal or up to expectation. I just did internet search of “Linux trouble shoot slow wifi” to start a check list for this. Obviously to fix something one needs to know what to fix.

Also know that I am just another user in terms of knowledge not a developer. To talk to developers go here or to #openmandriva-cooker @ Freenode IRC.

  1. Get basic hardware information with inxi command.

    $ inxi -F (For entire system) or

    $ inxi -N (For network only)

  2. Check dmesg for errors.

  3. Check lsmod for conflicting drivers.

    $ lsmod | grep wifi

  4. Check journal log for any errors:

    `$ journalctl -b (Shows the logs from your current boot)

Probably the most important advice is do an internet search of your problem. For something like this the only person that will be able to find a cause is the user.

I found this which leads to this. But there are a lot more such articles and they do have other things to try.

I’ve since moved to Mageia and the internet speed is normal here, so it was definitely an issue with either the way the internet was configured or the way I installed it. Apologies for wasting your time on this.

Guess we can close this one.

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