Installing Mandriva on AArch64 devices

With oma being able to be installed on arm64 devices, has anyone started to compile code for any specific devices? Thanks


You mean like this?

Post-edit: If you or any users need more information or assistance on these type of devices you would do well to go to our #openmandriva @ Freeenode IRC channel or

Post-edit-2: I hope to be trying this on a Rock Pi 4C device in the near future myself, but this is all very new to me at this point.

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Lol, i saw that, i guess i should rephrase and ask has anyone started compiling say for android tablets?

I want to see this one too. I am curious if there is a photo or information about OpenMandriva Lx installed on real ARM computers or even smartphones.

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arm processor for mobile PC instead android. Did I mistake ?