Install Mandriva without internet

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Can I have install mandriva without internet?

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Hello @Green

Yes you can install without internet…

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Note: Mandriva has gone… (RIP)
Now you can enjoy OpenMandriva :grin:

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Yes you can, there is a set of applications included, recent kernel for having most new drivers. Do you have special needs? Can you elaborate on what hardware and what usage?

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I have just a small and not very highly end laptop. Its Asus X453SA model with Intel Pentium 4Core ,8GB of RAM and 500 GB of hdd.

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I believe this from OMLx 4.0 Beta Release Notes is accurate:

Internet Connection

Calamares Installer checks if an Internet connection is available, but OpenMandriva Lx 4 will install just fine even without . It is perfectly OK to simply install as you normally would and proceed to use your new system as normal.

Updating such a system would require being temporarily connected to the internet or downloading the packages elsewhere and transferring them to the installed system and installing the updated packages. But as you are not connected to the internet you could simply use the system and not update for how ever long you see fit.

Post-edit: 4.0/Beta/Release Notes - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva
4.0/Beta/Errata - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva

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It seems to me an average usage, what could be difficult is when you need to add another software or update existing without Internet connection… Not sure if there is an easy way for this.