Including a 32bit UEFI key in the 64bits ISO

Some machines (many with Intel Bayrail processors for exemple) have a 32Bit UEFI with a 64 bit processor.
Some distribution (Debian, Mageia, Fedora) include the 32bit UEFI bootia key in their 64bit ISOs (together with the 64bit UEFI bootia key of course). You can see some details here: Changes/32BitUefiSupport - Fedora Project Wiki
UEFI - Debian Wiki
That would be a wonderfull thing to include the 32bit UEFI key in the OM’s 64bit ISOs, allowing therefore these isos to boot in those hybrid machines.

In order that OM developers see this request it would be best to file bug report. Select New issue>Enhancement request.

Sure! Done thing:). Thanks for the hint!