Impossible to install my network printer (smb protocol)


At home I have a printer plugged in my isp box (free a french isp). I can reach this printer with windows and linux (omv 2014.2) with smb protocol and all this works fine.
But I can’t install this printer with lx3
with system-config-printer I can’t browse the network when I choose

“windows Printer via samba”,

over the browse button with mouse I have this message

"browsing not available (pysmbc not installed)) but pysmbc is installed .

with http (localhost:631) It seems installed but I can’t print because a password is necessary and I don’t know how to say that when I configure with http
here is the message returning for the print job

any ideas ?

Is there a possibility to install pysmbc or python-smbc (i can’t see the name of packages right now)?

I modified my post, pysmb is installed :slight_smile:

you can try in this way

python-smbc is already installed but seems that system-config-printer is searching for something different.

$ rpm -ql python-smbc

it seems that python-smbc is a python2 pkg…

Is it a problem being a python2 package?

if system-config-printer use python3 it’s a problem. the name of the package in lx3.0 is anyway wrong. python-xxx are python3 pkgs, while python2-xxx are python2 :wink:

I see name and password but “Verify” is in grey

idem doesn’t work

in konsole I see

rmmod: ERROR: Module lp is in use
rmmod: ERROR: Module parport_pc is in use
rmmod: ERROR: Module parport is in use by: lp parport_pc
No ID match for device smb://WORKGROUP/FREEBOX/MFPrinter%20Laser%20Pro%20LL2%201:
MFG:Generic;MDL:Printer;DES:Generic Printer;
Using 3-distribution/cupsfilters/textonly.ppd (status: 3)

when I print test page I have

Filter failed

with http idem also, but as my pc freezes often I have stopped to search :frowning:

I’ll fill a bug when the bug resolution will begin on bugzilla :innocent:

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I understand you :wink:
I also have a list of bugreports, but I do not want quarrel or stupid answers.

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