Image blocked by CDN

Continuing the discussion from OpenMandriva Lx Project of the Week at SourceForge:

Again I had to remove the Cloudflare CDN, it prevented the image to be displayed (err 403) . Really weird.

edit: it seems it did not like the name, trying with the same file named sourceforgenet.png it’s working. I guess it’s some security.

This remind me that I used the same image already used here
so this ..../sourceforge.net_.png
At first I thought of an error or such, because I made the image and it’s strange that I name them “filename_.png”.
Now it starts to make sense :slight_smile:

Indeed :slight_smile:
Anyway I took the opportunity to observe some stuff that were not working properly after you published the article (image center alignment, media-box, forum comments not automatically attached, some few css stuff) and fixed them.

Yes, I noticed.
I’d like to know what I did wrong, especially the forum comments not attached.

Nothing to do, normally: there is a plugin called “composition” that let associate a template with a category. You can change it manually (when editing the post properties) and set it to “blog/news” “doc” etc, but it should however auto select the good template. I have fixed a typo i made in template code :slight_smile:

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Do you know why the link to the SF blog (1) present in our blog post, isn’t present in the "companion discussion topic"?

(1) I mean this link: Sourceforge top release of the week

I don’t know right now :confused:

Just for information, I added the link to sourceforge over image after the blog was published online (I forgot to tell to @rugyada) just because I thought it made sense (it can be reverted if it’s not the case, of course).

The cron in discourse which updates takes several minutes (5 or 10) but since then it should be updated and correct…

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If I open the announcement, I see that:

If I click on “show Full Post”, I get:

Any idea?

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Yes, but just the beginning of an idea. For some reason, it seems that in this case, discourse doesn’t use RSS feed to generate full post but the html. But why, I don’t know. You can see our settings in «admin / customize / embedding» and the related official discourse post is there if ever you are curious :slight_smile: .

I changed a setting, telling which class contains the text, it seems to fix the issue.

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@Raphaël, you are a master :wink:

So, can you tell one more thing: the thread about embedding discourse comments via JS explains how to embed a discourse comment in another web page. Here, the reverse is realized: importing a blog article in a discourse thread. Therefore, only the “Feed Settings” section (in the admin page) is relevant. Right?

[quote=“raphael, post:10, topic:1325, full:true”]
I changed a setting, telling which class contains the text, it seems to fix the issue.

Anyway, for me the result is totally satisfying, even if the images aren’t imported.

Discourse is funny, it never use the same way to parse a post :smiley: now the latest article import (full view) is also very weird.

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Of course I’ll fix it but I need some investigation for a better understanding of how Discourse parser works.