Idea for some blog posts and publicity

Maybe we should do a blog post for every application developers believe deprecated and description of it’s replacement.

The first one IMO should be Network Center (drakx-net) vs. NetworkManager Applet and NetworkManager. What it does, how to use it, where documentation for it is, and importantly how to use it from command line for users with more complicated needs. For me it works fine but I find the interface to border on being to simple/limited.

Another example would be Drakdisk vs. KDE Partition Manager. I suspect there are more.

This is a great way to publish, and document these changes and help users adjust. And it would make answering a lot of question so much simpler to simply provide a link to blog post.

WDYT? :upside_down_face:


Why not? One thing is sure, the blog hasn’t be fed for a long time.


Maybe, just maybe, I can help with writing such but not sure how to get started doing so.

And should note that currently my time does have more limitations than my enthusiasm. But am willing to try to help.

For technical things the wiki may a better place.

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Why not both? Place same article in blog and wiki.

We desperately need to get our blog active again.

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