IBM To Acquire Red Hat, Completely Changing The Cloud Landscape And Becoming


Using the cloud is like trusting someone else to take care of your stuff. Human’s have done this since the dawn of recorded history and probably before. And it has been a major source of conflict since the dawn of recorded history and probably before.

Indeed. Red Hat selling out into the cloud means our mission of building an OS that doesn’t make cloud storage mandatory all the more important.

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On the other hand RedHat as a company is “secured” for a future. Guess there will be some lay-offs.

Well I notice it’s not Microsoft buying Red Hat :grin:

Not sure it’s very positive news:

That is exactly how we felt when my startup was acquired by IBM a while ago. We could change the monster from within. But it never really happened. What did happen was that a lot of big name people quit, IBM killed our product after about 3-4 years of utter mismanagement, and IBM shifted us to a miserable cloud division and product. After about 5 years most of the people in the office were hired post-acquisition or otherwise transferred from other sites, so it became indistinguishable from the rest of IBM. And that’s about when I quit.