I like Openmandriva much more now

In my field, a lot of the software is developed for Red Hat Enterprise linux. I have been experimenting with lots of distros during the COVID-19 stay-at-home era. Two distributions openmandriva and mageia run this stuff straight out of the box. Moving to other families of linux requires various degrees of hacking to install the packages. The popular Ubuntu gets my wooden spoon for the amount of jiggery-pokery required.


Thanks for the kind words for OM Lx.

If you know the “amount of jiggery-pokery required” you probably know the following so this is posted mostly for noobs. And that is an apt description IMO. :laughing:

To be honest part of that is that OpenMandriva, Mageia, and Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS are all using RPM or Redhat Package Manager. That means the software that comes from them is a .rpm file. OpenMandriva and Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS all use dnf as the package management software “front end”. Mageia has dnf available not sure if they have fully switched to it yet.

Ubuntu use Debian packages or dpkg. The software thus comes in files ending in .deb. Won’t talk to much about this because I have not used their stuff in ages. But they use different software for the “front end” of package management. Used to be APT on command line and Synaptic GUI.

But I did want to say thanks for your comment. Would be interesting to know what your field is?