How to view online calendar events


I’m new here, having come from Linux Mint.
I’ve installed OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 with KDE.

I would like to view google calendars on my desktop and Kalendar looks as though it should be perfect - but I can’t find it to install.
Can anyone please suggest where I might look?


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Welcome @quadrantids to OpenMandriva and our forum.

This Kalander? I think we do not have that in our software. I just asked about this on IRC. You are welcome there as well. Will answer when I know more.

You can make a package request here. That looks like it would be a good one to add.

Unless I am missing something google calendars is easy enough to see in a browser.

Regarding software choice do you have unsupported repo enabled?

Do read the description of each repository choice.

You’re right about viewing it inside a browser. It’s just that the recent Linux Mint 20.3 introduced this in the system tray, which I have to confess makes my google calendars more readily available (fewer clicks).

I’ll check out the unsupported repo.

Thx for your help.

Do consider making a package request for Kalendar.

Hoping you enjoy OpenMandriva Lx (OM Lx). OM is a community distro.

We are a small group of unpaid, part-time volunteer folks.


Done. Package added to repos.

For Rolling and Lx 4.3 Kalendar in testing repos. To install:

For x86_64:

$ sudo dnf --refresh install kalendar --enablerepo rock-testing-x86_64

For znver1 replace x86_64 with znver1, for Rolling replace rock with rolling.

It installs, it opens. Thanks @AngryPenguin.

Edit: Here it is found in the Application Menu under Office.

Very responsive!
Thank you!

Thanks for the answers in this thread!