How to switch to GNOME environment?

Could anyone help me to alter the environment in 3.0 release? How to do it? I tried to install all the items for GNOME but after restart I cannot select GNOME (such option is unavailable)? Did I do something in a wrong way?

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OpenMandriva>Mandriva.Mandrake is/was very KDE centric. Assuming your using Lx 3. And for what it’s worth this does work in 2014 not at all sure if it works in Lx3. That being said I guess one would install ‘task-gnome’. When all is installed I would reboot and and at sddm login screen in lower left hand corner select preferred desktop, in this case Gnome rather than Plasma.

That being said I’ve never done this so by all means let us know how it goes.

I selected the suggested option. Instead of pure GNOME I can see ‘GNOME on Wayland’. After choosing it and providing my password, the only thing I can see is a black screen though. Did I do something in a wrong way?

You don’t want Gnome on Wayland you want simply Gnome. Did you install task-gnome?

I tried to select everything at the GNOME section. There is no other GNOME option to be selected. It is the only one.

No there is a package called task-gnome and also task-gnome-minimal. They are designed to install everything needed for a Gnome desktop including dependencies. If you are using Rpmdrake go to upper left corner and select ‘Meta Packages’ and navigate to >Graphical Desktop>Gnome.

Alternatively you can easily install these in Konsole as root with:

# urpmi task-gnome

I was trying to get Gnome as well but I get this error msg when I use rpmdrake to install task-gnome

Sorry, the following packages cannot be selected:

  • telepathy-gabble-0.18.4-2-omv2015.0.x86_64 (due to unsatisfied devel(libwocky-telepathy-gabble-0.18.4(64bit)))
    I think libwocky -telepathy- gabble- (64bit) …is on the repoclosure report …bummer …I like Gnome …but
    I got Enlightenment :slight_smile:

Previously couple of months ago I tried to install other desktops. They did not installed correctly. They were not tested properly. So I uninstalled them. I point out this couple of times…

Edit: Maybe a better way to say what I mean in this post is that we already know Gnome and other desktops have issues. So we need you to step up and help make them better.

OpenMandriva is a community distribution. Everything is done by members of the community who voluntarily contribute without pay. If no one in the community steps up to do a given task then it does not get done.

Yes we need help with lots of different things. Please volunteer.

Edit: As matters stand right now we have enough package testers to test maybe a 1/5 to 1/3 of packages at best. There are more people testing ISO’s but not nearly enough. So when ever I see someone complaining about “They were not tested properly.” I go all :rofl:
I mean I’m sure you are right but who do Y’all think is going to do this if no one volunteers to do so?

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Need a new approach…!


We support only KDE Plasma and LxQt desktops.

MATE desktop is quite ready (in my persolan repository) but I haven’t had the time to push it into official repository :frowning: .


Looks like MATE is going to be supported too :+1:


Then you need to start and manage this “new approach”. No one else here seems smart enough/and/or inclined to do so.

As matters stand Gnome desktop does not work. I have tried installing task-gnome. There is not gnome entry in sddm login screen only a not working gnome-wayland entry. If I try:

# systemctl disable sddm.service
# systemctl enable gdm.service
# reboot

I get a screen with “Opps” “something unexpected happened” and nothing working. I get this any way I try to start Gnome.

So if anyone wants to use Gnome they need to file bug report/reports. The problem with bug reports against Gnome packages is that there is no maintainer as far as I know. Therefore someone from the Community will need to step up and begin to maintain the Gnome packages. This is how a Community based Linux distribution works. (Does not mean this is an answer I like, just how things are at this time.)

Until that happens you might look for the threads on this forum about the Mate desktop and read up on Mate in OpenMandriva and give it a try. Why heck you might even help @mandian keep improving it. And don’t forget to thank @mandian for the time he has spent building and maintaining these packages.

As far as I know the working desktops in OpenMandriva are KDE/Plasma5, and LXQt, both officially supported though Plasma5 support is more complete. Also working under Community support is Mate. Does anyone have any other desktops working? If so how?

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Enlightenment works …its not that popular but I’ve used it for a while since mandrake 8.0
I like to check out my processor performance using it , Enlightenment can open 1024 desktops .

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i just finished doing some updates to xfce, it works pretty nice for me.

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